Spring Anemones in the Garden

Anemones spring

The big push to get things planted has now passed.  I’m busy with maintaining (i.e: weeding), and letting mother nature do her work.  It hasn’t been without setbacks though.  I’ve been battling bugs, bunnies, and flash flooding, and since I really don’t know what I’m doing, it’s all guesswork.

The spring blooms came and went, including these really pretty Anemones.  I bought a 100-pack of corms from Costco, and had approximately an 80% success rate with them.  I think I’m going to leave the corms in the ground and see if they come up next year. Vase life (with flower food) is pretty good at 5-6 days.


purple anemones yard


I’m surprised and pleased by the different varieties in this Costco 100-pack, so I recommend it if you can find them again next spring.  I wish these pretties would hang around longer than they do.  Here’s to hoping they come back stronger next year!

My dear husband, the other half of The Flower Kitten, has built some wooden fences to try and keep out the bunnies, but I’m not sure if this will work.  I’m open to other suggestions if you’ve got any!



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