The Flower Kitten Blog – An Introduction

Pile of Tulips


Welcome. We’re glad you are here. This floral designer and #wannabeflowerfarmer will be documenting my flower journey here.  It might get boring… as I live and learn, with dirt under my nails, about what this flowering thing is all about.

Firstly, let’s talk about how lucky I am to be able to do this at all – Despite working constantly since I was 16, earning a Bachelor’s degree (in marketing), and completing multiple internships, I never got the big successful career.  This was a combination of bad luck in the job market, and choosing to pursue travel (and a boy) over focusing on the business career.  I’ve worked in professional sports as an event coordinator, waited tables, worked in real estate, bartended, managed a million dollar retail store, and worked in I.T.  You could say that my experience is diverse, but I’ve figured out later in life that I really like learning to do things too.  I’m the girl who learned how to mix and color my own hair, remodel a home, start a wedding blog, and make a garden out of a neglected landscape – without experience.  Google and the local library are amazing amenities that we have access to in this day and age!  After several years in I.T., my wonderful husband is encouraging me to find my “thing.”  Whatever that might be.  I have his support, and this floral thing has become my “thing.”

In beginning my floral journey, it became apparent that: Flowers Are Expensive!  I have an ok-sized yard, so why don’t I plant as much as I can to use for practice and for profit?  Follow here as I stumble along, making many mistakes, but learning lessons at the same time.  Living and learning in the dirt.



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